Erik Renssen

Figurative painter

Erik Renssen is a prolific artist. His oeuvre comprises painting, sculpture and graphic works. Working mainly in the figurative tradition, the imagery is never one of pure naturalism. There is always a level of abstraction. With great virtuosity he paints a world of both vibrant and subdued colours. The range of subjects is classical; portrait, still-life, the reclining nude and the occasional landscape. Renssen is inspired by the world that surrounds him, his wife and children, the intimacy of the studio, the pleasure of a dinner- party with good friends but above all he is a fervent admirer of Pablo Picasso: “He’s the greatest and my daily inspiration. I write my own story on the canvas before me, using the wonderful visual language Picasso gave to us”.

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Renssen’s exploration of the realm of graphic arts is of a relatively recent date. Some five years ago Erik Renssen was introduced to Aad Hekker, one of Amsterdam’s Master Lithographers. From this first meeting a fruitful collaboration evolved. Renssen’s draughtsmanship and exellent feel for composition is ideally suited for this “Rolls Royce” among printing techniques, resulting in a steadily growing, high quality, graphic oeuvre.

View video of the artist at work