Gallery: Renssen Art Gallery Amsterdam

Side by side: Picasso and Renssen

Situated in the heart of the Amsterdam Spiegelkwartier, the arts and antique district of Amsterdam, you will find Renssen Art Gallery. Just down the road from the iconic Rijksmuseum, artworks by Dutch contemporary Erik Renssen are displayed in an elegant yet welcoming setting. His collection includes original oil paintings, sculpture, limited edition and unique works on paper.


Alongside the Renssen works of art, Renssen Art Gallery presents their thoughtfully curated collection of high-quality lithographsetchings, and pochoirs  by the Great Master Picasso himself.


Renssen Art Gallery is the only artist-owned gallery in the Spiegelkwartier and when you visit there’s a chance you’ll be greeted by Renssen’s wife and muse, Suzka. Her knowledge of the Renssen and Picasso collections and background in interior design provides a personalized and intimate experience for any art lover. Renssen Art Gallery is known for its exceptional level of service and ongoing relationships with collectors.


Since it’s founding in 2011, Renssen Art Gallery has welcomed visitors and collectors from all over the world to enjoy its unique and compelling collections of artworks by Picasso and Renssen shown side by side.


 Take a 3D virutal tour of the Renssen Art Gallery