Renssen’s debut into the realm of graphic arts began when he was introduced to Aad Hekker, one of Amsterdam’s last master Lithographers. From this first meeting, a fruitful collaboration developed. Renssen’s draughtsmanship and feel for composition is ideally suited for the traditional printing techniques of limestone lithography and linocut, resulting in a steadily growing, high-quality, graphic oeuvre. All of Renssen’s limited editions bear the watermark seal of Hekker (AH), certifying that each limestone was washed and polished after creation, guaranteeing the integrity of each edition and your work of art.


The Renssen linocuts are created using the difficult ‘lost method’, which means they can never be reproduced. This reverse technique is a very direct but complex reductionist process, which entails cutting away the linoleum, applying ink, and printing in several stages, each step resulting in a different color layer of the print. Every action is irrevocable and thus ensures the uniqueness of the artwork. 

Please scroll through the images below to get a grasp of the making process.